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Umm... I have an excuse!... somewhere, and it's currently baking you all cookies in apology +_+;;

Ahehe, especially to Ten-Ten since I kinda went poof[!] and left her all alone to deal with evil kiddikins. Please don't hurt me with your vass array of weapons >_>, I'd like to keep all my limbs and all that jazz XD.

Oo, you know what really scares me? Everyone is so in character o_O; It's almost to a point where I could ditch the anime and just read through the 'Many Comments of Doom'. Seems like I'm the only one struggling too -- hm, this post could actually be me trying to avoid it la la la ._.;

Anyway! To stop my random disjointed thoughts I will go now to post [nod nod] XD; Creating an OOC community may have caused Doom's Day >:3 I have very frequent habits of writing randomness until my brain kicks in ~_~;.
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