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Heh, yeah, I have no life. But this amused me, soooo...

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1) Does mirai_no_hokage travel a lot? Yes. XD;
2) How long have you known _shinkon? Just saw 'im at that mission Iruka-sensei gave us...
3) Is iridescentpetal introverted or extroverted? Extroverted on the outside, and intro otherwise? ^^
4) Would you ever date ecchi_copynin? Ewwwww, no!
5) Has chuunin_iruka been to your house/dorm? Nope!
6) Is shiranui_san a college student? Um, what's college?
7) Have you ever dated _shinkon? No...
8) Would you make out with ecchi_copynin? NO!
9) What do you disagree with _lazynin about? Training is not troublesome.
10) If _lazynin took over the world, who would be happy? Probably not Shikamaru-san...that sounds troublesome.
11) Where would mie_no_jutsu most like to visit? Um...the birthplace of ramen?
12) What comic book character would mie_no_jutsu be? o_o Probably some sort of idiot hero...
13) Do you have a crush on ecchi_copynin? NONONONONO! WHAT THE HELL?! ARE YOU TRYING TO SET ME UP OR SOMETHING?
14) What video game does _shinkon remind you of? Tch, who has time for video games?
15) One quality you find attractive in _lazynin? o_O; Um...I guess he's smart...
16) Do you have _lazynin's screenname? Screename?
17) What is kaleidoscopis's shoe size? No, but I bet Sasuke-san does!
18) If chuunin_iruka were hanging off a cliff, what would kaleidoscopis do? Step on his hands and laugh? o_O
19) What planet should mie_no_jutsu be from? Something weird...
20) What song/movie would you recommend to __ishiteru? Something romantic?
21) What rank would chuunin_iruka have in a giant robot army? Probably a latrine orderly.
22) Is crimson_prodigy athletic? Gee, I wonder?
23) Are chuunin_iruka and shiranui_san married? o_O I hope not...Iruka-sensei? Do you have something to tell us?
24) Is _lazynin an emo? -bursts out laughing-
25) What is _lazynin's favorite game? Not doing anything?
26) Does _chouji drink? Are we old enough to drink...?
27) If shiranui_san was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Decaf?
28) What would ecchi_copynin do differently in your shoes? Probably play with my 'feminine' parts...ewwwww...
29) How long would mirai_no_hokage dating ecchi_copynin last? Five seconds.
30) What is chuunin_iruka's favorite movie? o_O How should I know?
31) Is kaleidoscopis single? Probably. I mean, dating him is kinda a death sentance...
32) What do you agree with kaleidoscopis about? ...Nothing I can think of...
33) ecchi_copynin's eye color? Gray and black eyepatch. =D
34) Is mie_no_jutsu a high school student? Um, he's a rookie.
35) Does iridescentpetal have a dog? No...
36) What flavor of jello would crimson_prodigy be? Something very sour. o_o;
37) Does shiranui_san have a crush on ecchi_copynin? You know it!
38) Is crimson_prodigy popular? Juuuuuust a little.
39) Could you see __ishiteru and _chouji together? XD; ...Yes!
40) What animal should kaleidoscopis be combined with? Something small and cute and furry, because then he would die easier? Or at least look really cute doing it...
41) What would you do if iridescentpetal died? Go to her funeral, I suppose. I don't really know her.
42) What word best describes kaleidoscopis? Insane? =D Homicidal?
43) Where was shiranui_san born? Konoha.
44) Where was __ishiteru born? Konoha?
45) Are chuunin_iruka and mirai_no_hokage going out? Yeah. Iruka-sensei always pays, though.
46) Is __ishiteru in a relationship? A one-sided one...
47) Are crimson_prodigy and _chouji going steady? o_o Yes. So yes!
48) Do you think _shinkon is hot? o_O But of course?
49) If iridescentpetal had a superpower, what would it be? I'm tempted to say blowing people up...
50) Does ecchi_copynin know crimson_prodigy? I should hope so?
51) What is ecchi_copynin's favorite band/artist? Something perverted named 'IchaIcha'.
52) Has crimson_prodigy dyed their hair? I don't think he would take the time.
53) Do _chouji and ecchi_copynin go to the same school? Not at the same time...
54) Does iridescentpetal smoke? I don't believe so...
55) If mie_no_jutsu commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Um, Hinata-san?
56) Where did you first meet shiranui_san? The academy...
57) What color should mie_no_jutsu dye their hair? Um...black? o_O;
58) Would you wrestle kaleidoscopis in jello? No, because I like being alive.
59) Does __ishiteru go to your school? Well, sorta.
60) What would you do if you found out mirai_no_hokage has a crush on you? o_O Throw kunais at him until he ran away?
61) If kaleidoscopis and _shinkon were spliced together, what would be its name? o_o Scarily-Logical-Homicidal-Maniac? Who-is-super-hot?
62) Is iridescentpetal a nerd? Definately not.
63) Thoughts on chuunin_iruka? Sensei is too soft...
64) Would mie_no_jutsu and _lazynin make a good couple? I think Shikmaru-san would find that *very* troublesome.
65) Does ecchi_copynin do drugs? I think he does porn.
66) Which president would mirai_no_hokage be likely to idolize? I think he was rather interested in the forth hokage.
67) Does __ishiteru have a big secret? I don't know.
68) Would crimson_prodigy go out with _lazynin? I'm gonna guess 'no'.
69) Is __ishiteru 1337? No, I think she's 12.
70) How tall is shiranui_san? Taller then me, damnit.
71) What is __ishiteru's favorite color? Pink?
72) What animal does shiranui_san remind you of? A racoon.
73) What is _chouji's favorite food? ...Anything?
74) Is crimson_prodigy your best friend? Uh, no?
75) What exotic animal would crimson_prodigy like as a pet? A snake of some sort?
76) What mental disorder does _shinkon remind you of? Um...am I allowed to say that?
77) One thing you can't stand about kaleidoscopis? o_o; The homicidalness?
78) Is mirai_no_hokage related to you? No!
79) How would _shinkon kill crimson_prodigy? With needles?
80) What is shiranui_san allergic to? Decaf?
81) What is iridescentpetal's biggest flaw? Well, she is kinda loud...
82) Have you flirted with iridescentpetal? Not that I'm aware of.
83) What languages does mie_no_jutsu speak? Just one...
84) What would iridescentpetal think of mie_no_jutsu? I believe her exact word was 'moron'. Possibly 'loud mouthed idiot'.
85) Would you set up _shinkon and ecchi_copynin? No, because then Iruka-sensei would be all mopey, and we have ENOUGH emo-men around here. Seriously!
86) When did you last call _lazynin? Never? Why would he pick up the phone?
87) Is _lazynin related to mirai_no_hokage? Nope.
88) Which of your friends should mirai_no_hokage go out with? Probably not Neji or Lee...
89) Did iridescentpetal break up with you? No...
90) How would kaleidoscopis conquer the world? I don't know. I think he keeps his plans a secret.
91) If _lazynin took over the world, who would suffer? Shikamaru-san himself; just think how troublesome running the entire world would be.
92) How many monkeys could __ishiteru fight at once and win against? Hmm. I'd say about three before she freaked out about the lice.
93) What would mirai_no_hokage give _chouji for his/her birthday? Ramen.
94) If shiranui_san and chuunin_iruka were spliced together, what would it be like? Super-sensei?
95) Would _lazynin be a better ninja or pirate? Hmm. Pirate, definately.
96) Would __ishiteru and shiranui_san look good together? o_o; Okay?
97) mie_no_jutsu's hair color? Blonde.
98) Is mie_no_jutsu dead sexy? GOD NO.
99) Is kaleidoscopis friends with _lazynin? Uh, no.
100) If chuunin_iruka and mirai_no_hokage were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Hmm. The hips?

BTW. Here are the messangers I can be found at, and my e-mail, for Sasuke-san to use to plan w/ me. ^^; And anyone who wants to free me from boredom.

MSN: heaven_panda@hotmail.com
E-mail: see above.

XD; ...Yeah, okay, I'm going to go be productive elsewhere, now.
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