Yakushi Kabuto (_shinkon) wrote in ooc_real_naruto,
Yakushi Kabuto

*clears throat*

This is mostly a shout-out to __ishiteru and shiranui_san--I admit to being somewhat uncertain as to what to do as far as making our aspect of the assignment move forward. Grammatically, that was a really awful sentence, but, nevertheless. Uhhh, whatever shall we do? I'd kind of assumed shiranui_san would be the first to post to real_naruto for some reason (probably because of Genma's 'supervisor' status) but whatever it is, we should like...make a decision ^^; Or something. Or confer as to how it should all go.

I must sound like a complete idiot, but I also don't want to do anything idiotic and incorrect and mess up the continuity of the most excellent RP. XD So...suggestions, anyone? I can be reached over AIM at finalsoliloquy for anything.
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