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Ergo is such a cool word, un.

Yes, that word has been stuck in my mind for quite some time, argh. Ahehe... Senseless-ness[!], le gasp! Yeaaah, sorry it took me this long to post again [and only one post not counting this one, too] but I'm lazy and tired and I had an urge to write stupid things.

School bites [gnaws on text] -- the only reason I'm on Lj and posting is 'cause tomorrow's a Friday and tomorrow is an easy class day, kinda. Plus I'm freezing 'cause Vancouver has cruddy almost-midnight-time winter weather XD;. I should close the stupid balcony door, hm.

La la la, it was Orochimaru's birthday <3 Happy Birthday, you fifty-some year old sannin!

I wanna go to an anime convention and splurge: random thought. I sigh.

[Feeds commun. bits of cheese and left-over chicken.]

Live my pretty, live! Bwa hahaha ._.;;
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